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Spring Is the Best Season for Breast Augmentation

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile, many Denver plastic surgery patients choose to have procedures in the spring months to ensure results are ready for summer.

Denver, Colorado (April 2012) — For many reasons, springtime is one of the best times for people considering liposuction, tummy tucks and breast enhancement procedures.

“Even with the modern techniques that I use, breast augmentations require some recovery time,” notes Dr. Campanile, a Denver plastic surgery specialist. “If your goal is to have a great looking body during the summer, it is important to allow for some time for your body to heal completely.”

Dr. Campanile’s extensive experience and detailed understanding of body anatomy allows him to provide outstanding care during cosmetic, reconstructive and hand surgery procedures. Because elective cosmetic surgeries can be scheduled whenever the patient prefers, his practice tends to see a rise in patient procedures particularly in the spring months.

“In April and May, breast augmentation and liposuction tend to be our focus,” adds Dr. Campanile. “But of course, we have women and men with a full range of cosmetic concerns scheduling procedures during this time period.”

Dr. Campanile begins most breast augmentation procedures by making an incision in the fold of the breast where it connects to the chest wall or around each areola. Through the incision, a pocket for the selected implant is created and the implant is then positioned inside the breast. The pocket may be under the chest muscle or directly behind the breast tissue, depending on implant size and type and a patient’s goals and body shape. The incisions are then closed and bandaged before the patient is moved to the post-operative area to begin the recovery period. In most cases surgery is completed within 1 to 2 hours.

Denver plastic surgery patients are increasingly combining procedures. “For example, many patients choose to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift,” says Dr. Campanile. “This combined procedure can address both size and placement of the breast, particularly if your breasts have begun to sag following childbirth, weight loss or just due to a combination of gravity and time.”

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