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The Biggest Secret Fix in a Tummy Tuck? Muscle Repair

You probably already know that a tummy tuck can treat excess skin and fatty tissue in your midsection.* But did you know that one of the best and little-known benefits of getting a tummy tuck is that your plastic surgeon can repair separated muscles?*

Why Abdominal Muscles Separate

Separated abdominal muscles are actually fairly common among women who have had children, and can also occur in people who’ve had a significant gain in weight.

Muscles stretch to accommodate the growing baby when you’re pregnant, and sometimes they stretch so far that they separate. If you still look pregnant several months after delivery, it may be due to damaged muscles.

Women who have carried multiple babies or who have had more than one pregnancy are most likely to experience separated abdominal muscles, but it can happen with any pregnancy.

A Problem Exercise Can’t Fix

When abdominal muscles have come apart, a million crunches cannot bring them back together. You can tone and strengthen the muscles, but they will still be separated, which can cause the stomach to protrude. That’s where surgical muscle repair comes in. During a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon can rejoin the separated muscle walls.*

Benefits Beyond Beauty

While there are cosmetic benefits to having a tummy tuck with muscle repair, there can also be some great functional improvements that can result from the procedure.* Separated abdominals are weaker, and having a strong core is really important to your health. A strong core can better support your spine and posture. Abdominal muscles work better together instead of separately, something you may notice on a daily basis and especially when you work out.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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