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The Importance of Post-Surgical Care

101464515When planning for a plastic surgery procedure, most people spend their energy thinking about the big day and eagerly anticipating the outcome of their procedure. The days and weeks immediately following surgery are typically an afterthought, with most people focused on how soon they can return to work or resume normal life. But proper post-surgical care is a critical part of the overall process, and taking the right precautions can make a world of difference.

Your Surgeon Knows Best

The first rule of any procedure is to follow your surgeon’s guidance. Board-certified plastic surgeons have extensive training that informs their practice and skill. The guidelines they give are based upon years of experience and are meant to safeguard you and ensure the most comfortable and safest experience. Following the post-surgical care instructions is important to your overall well-being, as the case of Donda West proves in a cautionary tale.

Aftercare Is Not Optional

In November 2007, Kanye West’s mother got liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery. The three procedures are commonly performed together, and sometimes referred to as a mommy makeover. Her surgeon advised that she recover in a medical facility, but Ms. West went against this counsel and returned to her home under the care of a nurse. The nurse, however, left her unattended and Ms. West died. Her tragic death was entirely preventable had the surgeon’s recommendations been heeded.

If you’re looking forward to a plastic surgery procedure, make sure to practice good aftercare. This may mean staying overnight in the hospital or having someone at home with you in the days immediately following surgery. Taking the necessary steps to enjoy a sensible, stress-free recovery is an important part of seeing optimum results.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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The Importance of Following Post-Surgical Care Instructions
Article Name
The Importance of Following Post-Surgical Care Instructions
Dr. Francesco Campanile, board-certified plastic surgeon based in Denver, discusses the importance of following your plastic surgeon’s aftercare instructions.
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Campanile Plastic Surgery