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Tumescent Lipo: Still the Gold Standard

lipo3Despite the hype surrounding newer methods like ultrasonic-assisted liposuction or laser lipo, tumescent liposuction remains the gold standard for the majority of board certified plastic surgeons. This tried-and-true approach toward body sculpting offers superior, reliable results time and again that make this the preferred choice in lipoplasty.*

Advantages of Tumescent Liposuction*

The main reason that tumescent lipo is more frequently performed compared to the alternatives is that it offers not just one but several advantages:*

  1. The inclusion of lidocaine helps patients limit discomfort during surgery and into the immediate postoperative period*
  2. Vasoconstriction from epinephrine reduces blood loss during surgery and helps mitigate postoperative bruising and bleeding, as well as allowing for the removal of larger volumes of fat cells*
  3. The level of precision offered by tumescent liposuction delivers superior body sculpting results compared to alternatives*

It’s worth noting that, compared to other, newer liposuction methods, it is less a case of superiority and more a case of reliability that keeps surgeons loyal to tumescent liposuction. Other methods can be inconsistent, with some surgeons enjoying great success and others leaving the patient unimpressed.

The Importance of Surgical Skill

More important than the specific lipoplasty technique used is the level of expertise behind the cannula. In the right hands, tumescent lipo can deliver predictable, controllable results for body contouring.* Though other methods for lipoplasty may improve with time, tumescent lipo remains by far the most popular option.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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