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Why You Can’t Combine a C-Section with Your Tummy Tuck

When you consider all the factors that go into a surgery, being able to combine two procedures into one session seems very appealing. And the thought of caring for your new child with a slimmer figure makes the road back from your pregnancy body seem a little less daunting, too. However, there are a number of reasons why getting a tummy tuck alongside your C-section is a bad idea.


Unspectacular Results

Because your muscles and skin stretch during your pregnancy, having a tummy tuck before they’ve had time to heal and return to their normal shape would likely lead to results that would have you hiding from your mirror. While a post-C-section tummy tuck isn’t uncommon, you’ll see much better results if you wait at least 6 months after weaning your child before considering plastic surgery.*

A Distracted Surgeon

Labor and delivery can happen at any time, so scheduling your tummy tuck to coincide with your C-section would mean trying to coordinate a lot of moving parts. Can you imagine having your plastic surgeon on call along with your OB? Would there be problems deciding which surgeon should be in the driver’s seat in the OR? Once you start thinking about logistics, it’s easy to see why a simultaneous C-section plus tummy tuck is a terrible idea.

Putting off your tummy tuck for later after your pregnancy gives you more time to focus on the health of you and your child.

Possible Complications

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, having a tummy tuck so soon after your pregnancy could lead to serious medical issues like blood clotting and infection. Pregnancy and childbirth are tough on your body, and you need all your energy to go into healing and taking care of your newborn—not recovering from a tummy tuck to boot. Give yourself some time to get back on your feet before scheduling your tummy tuck consultation.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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Why You Can’t Combine a C-Section with Your Tummy Tuck
Article Name
Why You Can’t Combine a C-Section with Your Tummy Tuck
Combining your C-section with a tummy tuck may sound like a great idea, but Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile explains how that may not be so.
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Campanile Plastic Surgery