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Breast Augmentation Myths

Despite the popularity of breast augmentation, many Denver women are still hung up on some of the myths surrounding the procedure. Let’s see if we can dispel some of these rumors once and for all.

Myth: Huge, Obvious Results

Many women believe that augmentation means getting large, fake-looking breasts. Although this is an option if it’s truly what you want, most women prefer a more subtle, natural approach. In fact, many women now choose to have their implants placed below the pectoralis muscle, further concealing the implant to provide a more natural-looking profile.* If you want enhancement without looking fake, that is something that can definitely be achieved.*

Myth: Silicone Isn’t Safe

Women may also be hesitant about choosing breast augmentation in Denver because of their concerns over the safety of silicone. The FDA has conducted extensive tests on silicone implants and has not found a link to autoimmune disease or any other health concern from the current generation of silicone gel implants.

Myth: No More Nursing

Many women still believe that choosing implants means that breastfeeding any children they have in the future won’t be possible. In reality, implants can be placed to minimize the risk of interfering with the milk ducts. If you are concerned about breastfeeding, please bring it up at your consultation so we can work out a surgical plan to address that.

There are so many myths about augmentation, it would be impossible to list them all here. If you have concerns about the procedure, schedule a consultation today and I am happy to help you separate truth from fiction while answering each and every one of your questions.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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