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Breast Lifts for Better Augmentation

Many women may not realize that a breast lift can dramatically improve and reshape their figure without the need for breast implants. Dr. Campanile, a Denver breast lift specialist, can give you a whole new look just by redistributing your natural assets.*

Breast Changes

It’s disheartening to see visible signs of aging, especially in places where you least expect it, like your breasts. Yet breasts do change with age, just like the rest of your body. There are several factors contributing to these changes. One contributing factor is the ligaments responsible for supporting the breasts lose their strength over time, so the breasts no longer sit as high on the chest as they do in younger women.

Aging also brings about the loss of fatty (adipose) tissue, and this includes the fatty tissue in the breasts. Without the supportive fat cells, breasts flatten and sag. Hormonal changes, specifically estrogen loss, that occur with age are also responsible for major changes in breast tone and texture. Other changes in breast appearance may also happen over time, like shifts in nipple size and placement.

Breasts are also affected by major physical changes, like pregnancy and nursing, or gaining and losing weight. Women who are very physically active may notice changes in their breasts if supportive ligaments and tissues become stretched out due to repetitive motion, like while jogging.

For women who have had augmentation in their younger years, age and gravity can reduce the muscle support around existing implants, causing even augmented breasts to take on a saggy or lowered appearance.

A Little Lift

For women who are happy with their natural breast size and shape, but have lost their former perkiness, a breast lift can help restore placement and firmness.* Breast lifts can also be used to enhance a breast augmentation that’s lost a little of its shine over the years.*

During a breast lift, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Campanile makes an incision below the breast, and is then able to lift and reshape your existing breast tissue, layering deep sutures for extra support. The nipple and areola are repositioned and centered; the size of the areola may be reduced as well if desired. Any excess skin is removed, and the incisions are closed.

The results of your breast lift should be visible soon, although post-surgical swelling may disguise them initially.* Breasts should sit higher on the torso with any flatness resolved.* Overall, your profile should look perkier and more youthful, without implants.*

Combining Procedures

Although a breast lift may be performed on its own, the procedure is often combined with a breast augmentation. If breast position has shifted, augmentation alone won’t change their placement; implants only add volume. By combining a breast lift along with your augmentation, breasts can sit higher and look more pronounced, while also gaining the added volume granted by your implants.*

Alternatively, women who may have initially considered only having a breast lift may opt for including augmentation as well for more comprehensive results.* Again, a breast lift redistributes your existing breast tissue; if you have small breasts naturally, then a lift won’t give you a dramatically larger cup size.

Your Breast Lift Results

A breast lift is a procedure that can help keep your breasts looking younger for longer.* While nothing can completely stop the aging process, a breast lift can set the clock back several years.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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