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The Right Breast Size for Your Body Type

Breast augmentation for Denver women has a pretty clear goal: larger breasts. Yet is bigger always “better”? Should women choose more generously sized implants, regardless of their existing frame? Current trends in augmentation are leaning toward an end result of natural enhancement rather than a focus on a dramatic profile.

Choosing Your New Look

Choosing your new breast size can feel like an intimidating decision. First of all, implants are not measured like bra sizes; instead, they’re measured by volume. This can be confusing, because you have no existing frame of reference to understand what “300 ccs” means in real life. Even if you ask other women who’ve had augmentations, the same implant size can look very different on different body types.

In order to help me determine what size implant can give you the profile you’re looking for, I ask my patients to bring in pictures of their ideal breasts from magazines. Before scheduling an appointment for breast augmentation at my Denver office, I make sure that the patient and I are on the same page about her goals. It’s extremely important to me that I’m giving the patient the implants that can help her meet her goals.*

For a natural look, I recommend choosing an implant size which is complementary to your frame.* If you choose a breast size that is too large for your body type, the results will be quite dramatic.* While some women want exactly that, I find most are searching for a more natural-looking lift. By working together, we can choose the implant size that’s right for you.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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