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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Thigh Lift Surgeon

When patients take time to do their procedure homework before coming to my offices in Denver, a thigh lift becomes a much more comfortable experience for both the patient and myself. Here are three of the most popular questions to ask your surgeon before moving forward with a thigh lift.

Am I a Candidate?

Not every procedure is a match for every individual, and thigh lifts are no exception. The very first question to ask your surgeon is whether you’re a likely candidate for this procedure. Factors taken into consideration include your overall physical and emotional health, whether you’re at a stable weight, and the extent of correction needed.

What Should I Expect?

You’ll come in for a consultation prior to the surgery, at which you and your surgeon discuss the ideal outcome of your thigh lift. For my Denver patients, this is the time when we really get to know each other and form a comfortable relationship. After your appointment is set, you’ll have time to get things in order, like making sure you’ll have plenty of help during the healing process, and making any other necessary arrangements.

What about Scarring?

There are no surgeries that won’t leave a scar, although every effort is made to keep the scars from your thigh lift unobtrusively placed where they will be hidden by your normal stance and your everyday clothing. Talking honestly with your surgeon about scarring can lead to more realistic expectations regarding the surgery, and help you feel more positive about the results.

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