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What’s Behind Beautiful Eyelashes?

Although extremely popular these days in Denver, LATISSE® is far from the first product women have used in order to have more attractive eyelashes. In fact, the history of eyelash beauty goes back to ancient Egypt, when men and women applied ointments to their eyelashes in order to style them. Egyptian women also believed that styling their eyes and eyelashes was an aphrodisiac to men.

Eyelashes: A History

The beauty of the eyelash didn’t end there, either. Taking a hint from the Egyptians, Roman women also used kohl, or ashes from burnt cork, to darken their eyes and lashes. Pliny the Elder stated that women should “keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity.” These days, long, luscious eyelashes are still in vogue and women can grow longer, thicker lashes through daily applications of LATISSE®.*

A Lasting Beauty Trend

Long lashes have been a beauty staple ever since the Victorian era. We’ve come a long way from having to use ashes out of the fireplace. Mascara was invented in 1915 by a Chicago man named Tom Lyle, and is still one of the most popular cosmetics in use today.

As we age, our eyelashes become thinner and finer, just like the hair on our head. For older patients, or those who never had very noticeable eyelashes to begin with, LATISSE® is FDA-approved to deliver long, lush lashes without extra cosmetics.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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